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The Scripts & Templates Module

These Sales Scripts & Templates will show you how to close more deals and effectively follow-up with prospects!

Enjoy a leading-edge set of 17+ sales scripts and templates that have been battle tested and proven by loan officers all over the United States. 

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Here's how and why I can promise you these Scripts & Templates will help you close more leads & referral's as a loan officer...

My name is Daniel Nicart and I'm a top producing Loan Officer...

I've have been a Loan Officer in the sales game for over 20 years. Today I currently run the #1 sales team on a multi-billion-dollar national sized direct lending platform. With over 100 sales teams I lead the #1 team. 

This course is going to give you every word, every message, every conversation, every script you may need that I use to this day to get you to the next level in your career and get you to have a higher close rate.

Every minute you wait not getting the attention or properly communicating with your prospects, the harder it will be to close the deal! 

If you want scale to the top and become a top producing loan officer, have more  time, freedom , or even if you just want to have more money in the bank, and you're struggling to close more deals, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

According to top lenders, 50% of leads close after the first 90 days. Why? Because persistence pays! By giving up to easily, you lose out on opportunities in lieu of the next "slam dunk" deal. Not every deal will be easy. Some you have to work for making them even more rewarding! Don't let a lead go from hot to cold. 

In today's market a deal can take up to 30 - 45 days to finalize. So it's extremely important to know how to keep the attention of the prospect, know to effectively follow up, or else the deal can go BUST! You're about to get complete access to the EXACT sales scripts and templates that my students use every single day without fail to close deals and get high earnings. 

50% of Leads Close after the first 90 days! 


Sales Scripts Designed By Top Producing Loan Officer's

Next time you are approaching a prospect you will have way more confidence in your sales game knowing that you have high converting sales scripts at your finger tips. 

When you start closing the deals in your pipeline, think about all the extra commissions you will earn. What would that do for your life? 

Imagine seeing your self being #1 in the locks in your company. 

Get Instant Access To The Scripts & Templates Now!

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Scripts & Templates Module.

You will get instant access to over 17+ downloadable scripts and templates that you can use at anytime during your sales process to help you close your deal. These scripts will include, FHA streamline script, inbound/outbound purchase script, Past Client & Departed Agent Funded Loan, Referral Generation Testimonial, SR Video Directory, Transition Framing Script, Voicemail Scripts, Email Follow Up Scripts, Neat Report Template, The Follow Up, SMS Text Transcripts, Sales Conversion Checklist, Purchase Loan Templates, Past Client Portfolio, Past Application Templates 

You Get All of This for Only $47

All The Scripts & Templates You Get Access To!

  1.  FHA Streamline Script 
  2.  Inbound / Outbound Purchase Script
  3. Past Client and Departed Agent Funded Loan Script
  4. Referral Generation Testimonial PDF
  5. Video Directory PDF
  6. Transition Framing PDF
  7. Voicemail Scripts
  8. The Neat Report Templates
  9. Follow Up Scripts
  10. SMS Text Transcripts 
  11. Sales Conversion Checklist
  12. Purchase Loan Templates 
  13.  And Much More
Get Access To The Scripts & Templates Module.

You'll Also Get 3 Free Gifts!

When you get the scripts & templates module today

FREE GIFT #1 - How To Be A Loan Officer In 2019 Training ($47.00 Value)

This Training Module Contains A Live Group Consulting Training Session Where I Sit Down & Consult With Brand New Loan Officers With Advice & Console On What It Takes To Make It In This Industry. 

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FREE GIFT #2 - 3 Secrets Of Top Producing Loan Officers ($97.00 Value) 

In this free training I teach you about the 3 secrets that the top producing loan officers are using everyday to continue to make high commissions each month! 

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FREE GIFT #3 - How To Build Rapport & Drive More Sales ($199.00 Value) 

In this Free Training Module We Discuss How To Effectively Build Rapport With Your Prospects and How to Drive More Sales Into Your Pipeline With Cutting Edge Tactics! 

A $343.00 Value!

Yours FREE When You Get The Scripts & Templates Module Today!

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Here Is A Recap, When You Get The Scripts & Templates Module You're Going To Get

Sales Remastered Testimonials

Learn What Sales Remastered Students Say About The Training and The Resources!

Scripts & Templates Briefing

Inside this Module is a collection of the many scripts and templates I personally use on a daily basis to generate millions of dollars in volume per month with ease.

They are already mapped out, drawn up and ready to easily copy and past into your signature collection on your Email service provider, whether its outlook or CRM email software.

The goal is to study them religiously, read them over and over until they become second nature and you can practice the sequential order they are meant to be practiced with by memory.

Within the following weeks, they will become second nature and you'll begin to see the results.

Your mission is to end the days of giving too much information in your messages that are left by voicemail, texts or emails while keeping the suspense factor in the actual conversations or meetings you have with your prospects as that is when you'll be best prepared to properly close them.

With enough practice and studying of these scripts you'll see the real take away is using the power of curiosity and luring them to engage with you so you can effectively transfer the correct emotions they react to and use it for your leverage to influence the close.


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