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""In April of 2018 I invested in The Secret Formula and I finished within the top 10 at my company! None of this would have been possible if I didn't immerse myself in Daniel's content at SalesRemastered! You will get paid out tenfold by investing in yourself and his programs. Thanks again for all you do Daniel!""

Arran Amorozo
Mortgage Loan Officer

"Started on this journey with Daniel 3 months ago. Daniels stuff put me on the path to better myself physically and mentally. Last month I funded 22 loans and finished 2nd in my company with over 7 mil in volume. Keep up the good stuff Daniel!"

Robert Nguyen
Mortgage Banker

"I’ve been listening to Daniel’s content for the past 3 months and learning from a master like him is powerful. I’m constantly leading my sales board and making over 10k a month. Not bad for a 23 year old. Thank you Daniel "

Erick Torres
Sales Associate

"Daniel is providing excellent sales training and advice from his real world experiences and from being in the business for so many years. I appreciate him sharing all of his knowledge and willingness to help others. It's like having your own personal coach to help you get better at whatever you do. The amount and quality of content he is sharing is fantastic. Highly recommended to anyone looking to improve their sale skills and ability."

Mark Dankman
Mortgage Broker

"“I’m going to fund 16 loans for the month! Thanks Brotha for all your help in getting me there!”"

Shane Bakhtiari
Inside Loan Officer

"“My first month in joining I was number one in Locks and now my first official month, I am number one in fundings as well. Thank you!”"

Tyler Hancock
Loan Officer

"“Daniel’s guidance will definitely help anyone score more deals. He has helped me so much, thank you Daniel!”"

Tony Hatch
Loan Officer

"“As a leader in the mortgage industry, I’ve witnessed first hand his content increase loan officers closing ratio in just weeks! If you haven’t picked up his material, do it!”"

Eric Tran
Branch Manager


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