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Thousands of Loan Officers across the nation have changed their business and remastered the way they do selling, whether it's online, offline, or thru the phone, with Daniel's teaching and guidance!

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Meet Alfonso Garza

Two years into the industry and would you believe that Alfonso is already close to hitting 7 figures? Within his two-year experience as a mortgage broker and absorbing the lessons inside the Sales Boost Camp, he was able to buy a car for himself and his wife, bought their very first investment property, started construction for their dream home, and hit half a million in income, before hitting 30 years old! Watch his story and see for yourself!


Meet Danielle Rosales

The pandemic hit hard on most of us. Jobs were lost and families struggled to keep up with bills. Danielle became a Loan Officer during all the crazy stuff happening around. She recently became licensed and needed to find something or someone to help guide her in her new career. She found SalesRemastered and enrolled in the Sales Boost Camp to improve her sales skills and grow her business. Watch her story and see how she started killing it in the industry even as a new loan officer! 


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Don't Take Our Word For It & Hear From These Students Instead!

"I was at a point where like, my production wasn't where I need it to be, I wasn't getting any resources as far as training. Then I saw Daniel come up, and started watching his videos. I started applying the scripts and that's how my results changed. My production started going up. I started being comfortable on the phone."


"The main thing I found was with SalesRemastered is it's specific to us. It's specific to mortgage. It's today's issues that everyone's running into... And that script has definitely helped me originate, lock and fund a ton more loans... I barely miss on pulling credit now. The only way I don't pull it is if they say, "Oh, you know, I gotta go." And they hang up. [With SalesRemastered,] it structures everything, and there's a path. And when you have a path with the call, it exudes confidence from you and the clients really feel it."

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"I wasn't getting borrowers back on the phone. I wasn't able to close deals. They wouldn't answer calls. And that's the most frustrating thing... The teachings at SalesRemastered works! Without a doubt, it's something you can apply to sales and mortgage and finance, any aspect, it's something that you can put into your daily life as well. Work no longer felt draining because I wasn't having to pull things from the borrower. I'm not trying as hard, because it became a natural way of sales."


Rafael Santos

Daniel has an amazing wealth of knowledge in both sales and mortgage lending. A selfless individual who works extremely hard for his students and clients.

Nathaniel Chu

Daniel is a sales Ninja and a wealth of knowledge. He has thought of every angle to win not only the sale in front of you but also the next couple sales after that. Thanks for everything!

Kevin Bacio

Dude drops value bombs, and puts things into perspective. His approach is relevant, I am better prepared to handle objections and more confident in my prospecting. Thanks Daniel!


“Because of the content you’re putting out, I can overturn a lot of those calls who tell me “Hey, put me on the Do Not Call List”… I can quickly overturn that with just a few simple questions I ask. The door no longer feels shut… It feels like the door for opportunity is now wide open.

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Want to share with others your experience with SalesRemastered?

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