Get access to a collection of coaching calls from SalesRemastered students who are facing the same problems as you do. Learn from their successes and failures in order to fast track your growth!

In addition, you also get access to a collection of quick videos where I share golden nuggets that I've learned throughout my career as a Loan Officer and a Producing Sales Manager.

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Get access to 12+ hours of exclusive unreleased content that is specific to all platforms of Loan Origination!


One of the fastest way to grow your skills and your business is to learn from the successes and failures of others!


No matter what day or year you're originating loans, the principles being discussed in the Mentor's Library works for a lifetime!

Mentor's Library

Mentor's Library is a collection of one on one calls with students who took part in Sales Boost Camp along with a collection of some of the most powerful lessons in the SalesRemastered repertoire. 

The collection of past mentoring calls is provided to guide you with insight on a wide range of topics, including preparation, the pitch, closing strategy, referrals and more.  You will also gain insight into industry-specific issues that other loan officers face and how their own challenges were resolved.  

The collection of short videos is designed to give you a compressed version of specific content. Each lesson is structured to maximize your experience and ensure that your challenges are met with solutions.  

Here's a Sneak Preview of What's Inside!

Real Loan Officers, Real Problems & Solutions!

You're not the only one facing the obstacles you're facing right now. Thousands of Loan Officers just like you face the same issues with originating loans, framing their pitch, responding to prospect objections and creating the mindset needed to win in this game!


Lessons Throughout My Career

I call this collection my "Hustle Bits" because these are the lessons that I've learned from my mentors and students that have helped me grow personally and financially!

Learn from Others! Fast Track Your Growth!

Get access now to a collection of learnings from Loan Officers around the country! Learn what they are facing right now and how we create solutions around their situations.

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What Others Are Saying of SalesRemastered!

Ryan Willwerth

"I’ve been working with Daniel for the past month through mentoring and SalesRemastered. He’s given me the confidence to fill my pipeline through scripting, coaching and the dozens of modules he has. The voicemail, email and text scripts are worth their weight in gold. Nevermind the dozens of modules and the mentoring that comes with it as well! He allows you to create your own brand and get partners chasing you. Thanks Daniel!"

Eric Tran

"I been in the industry for 15 years now and have lead a sales team and even a sales floor as a director of 120 loan officer and I can honestly say that I am extremely impressed with Daniel's material and content. I have witnessed first hand his stuff changes loan officers' closing ratio in just weeks. This material is well overdue for one of the largest sale industry in America! Hats off to Daniel for taking the leap and putting it all out there for everyone willing to take their careers to the next level!"

Solomon Kim

"SalesRemastered is an amazing brand and online mentor for me. When it comes to sales and the science of influence, Daniel has the ins and outs for you. He not only provides consistent gold nuggets of information but challenges you to use them. I urge anyone that's about their money and self improvement to check out SalesRemastered."

"I wasn't getting borrowers back on the phone. I wasn't able to close deals. They wouldn't answer calls. And that's the most frustrating thing... The teachings at SalesRemastered works! Without a doubt, it's something you can apply to sales and mortgage and finance, any aspect, it's something that you can put into your daily life as well. Work no longer felt draining because I wasn't having to pull things from the borrower. I'm not trying as hard, because it became a natural way of sales."


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About Daniel Nicart

Daniel Nicart is one of the Mortgage Industry's most influential Sales Development Coaches specializing in teaching Mortgage Loan Officers how to prevail and survive any market condition.

With over 20 years in Sales, Leadership and Mentoring experience he now teaches thousands of loan officers across the country how to increase sales, drive attention and properly brand themselves in today's digital era.

Daniel can be found sharing his teachings on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily.

Currently a 'Producing Sales Manager', Daniel leads the top sales team within a multi-billion dollar lending company and currently holds the record for the highest average funded volume, per agent.

Still originating sales today, makes Daniel a unique find. He currently shares content that he is implementing today and teaches loan officers how to adopt the same principles and techniques that he is currently using to fund over $1 billion a year in volume and has consistently been recognized as the Top Sales Manager in the company.

Recognized as 'one of the realest' sales mentors found on Social Media, the followers of SalesRemastered agree that there is no other content online giving up to date sales and marketing tips for today's Mortgage Loan Officers. Plenty of companies show you how to find leads, run a Facebook ad or even beg a Realtor for business...but Daniel shows you how to do both with creative strategies designed to attract, not chase.

SalesRemastered is the new outlet Daniel uses to share his own trials and experiences climbing to the top and relates with salesman on a unique and authentic level that no other sales trainer or mentor can. His primary goal is to give hope to those in sales and teach you that it is not as hard as you think to earn your way into the top 1% of your company.

Teaching personal development and powerful persuasion techniques that will help you win sales consistently and influence immediate action by those you prospect.

To have Daniel provide a private training to your sales team, contact him at [email protected] or call (949) 889-0021 for more information.

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