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Learn how to build a process that gives a solid stable career as a top producing LO with any company and become one of the 'Elite' today!


Learn the strongest way to close, develop the right mindset and create systems needed to automate your sales origination process. 


Learn what words to use and how to deliver your message in a way that will attract business so you don't have to chase it!

Sales Boost Camp

The Sales Boost Camp is a training course packed with exclusive training modules to teach you how to market, originate, sell, & close more loans. You'll also receive three private 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Daniel!

These systems work no matter how long you've been in the mortgage industry. Everything you need to know is provided in this "A To Z" training program.

In this complete program, I teach the ENTIRE system top producers like myself use to consistently bring in business.

I pull back the curtain and reveal everything: how to farm leads, how to attract prospects so they start coming to you, the word-for-word sales call scripts that will overcome any objection.. all of it.

Here's Everything You're Getting Instant Access To
When You Enroll In The Sales Boost Camp Today!


  • Learning The System: Why structure and discipline breed success if an efficient system is produced.
  • Building A System: How a system is useless without the right mindset and how both go hand in hand with creating momentum needed to climb towards the top.
  • Playing The System: The value of using emotional intelligence when using the system you create as your vehicle to drive business consistently.
  • ​Driving The System: Why mindset out weighs skill and how to develop the right mindset that will fuel you during your most trying times in your climb.
  • ​Hacking The System: The system to make sales, the system to generate new leads, the system to drive business in an organized and efficient manner.


  • 4 Pillars of a Solid Mindset: The core of building the right attitude which plays such a massive role in your success.
  • Time Management & Structure: How we do one thing, is how we do everything. The key is to find out if that ‘one thing’ you’re doing is bringing you any closer to your desired ‘things.’
  • Lead Management & Structure: the importance of managing the data we encounter each day.
  • The Sales Cycle & Key Players: How to understand the cycle and how to work and persuade the key players involved to make your cycle run smooth and consistently.


  • Marketing vs Sales: How to use marketing as just that, to deliver you contacts by way of traffic and how to implement the system you create to feed your pipeline.
  • Attract vs Chase: How to position yourself to be the 'wanted' and control your prospects in any engagement.
  • Inbound Origination: How to become a consultant and why being a salesman and having no empathy towards your lead will become your demise in this game.
  • Outbound Origination: How to originate outbound sales and give you the wording to use when hunting for your own business and not reliant on a dialer or outside factor to make sales


  • Frame The Pitch: It is important that you create the proper mind 'frame' for your prospect to hear your deliver without a 'bias' filter and by deliver it the way I outline in this video, you'll be much better positioned to earn that Sale, rather than ask for it!
  • Drive The Pitch: The proper way to deliver your pitch so that it ends with an agreement to close.
  • Close The Pitch: This is the absolute most powerful section of this training course and I want you to MASTER the steps, the outline and the delivery.
  • ​The Pitch Formula: How to view the pitch from your prospect's point of view and through empathy, learn how to present yourself and your message in a more effective way
  • The Follow-Up: How to do two different follow ups. I share with you to do an effective follow up to generate new business. Then I share with you an effective follow up strategy to your own past clients and how to generate referral business.
  • ​Resistance at Closing: How to melt the common objections we meet at time of pitching our offer. I also teach you how to properly overcome the objection on rate and fees that will help you ensure you get an answered phone call or email when you call back!

Start Closing More Deals & Become A Top Producer Today!


But That's Not All, Act Now And Get Access To These Exclusive Free Bonuses!


  • Fast Track To Management: By entering into management, you can lead and produce at the same time which will dramatically increase your income, while at the same time minimizing the work involved within the hunt.
  • Building Confidence: Anxiety is the root cause of Negative Mindset and without the proper know how on how to develop the right attitude and have the right energy always, it is important that you learn how to Build Confidence.
  • Common Road Blocks To Avoid: MLO's run into the same roadblocks in their climb to the top, I'll teach you about every one and how to avoid them!
  • Sales Objections & Rebuttals: How to melt the common objections we meet at time of pitching our offer. I also teach you how to properly overcome the objection on rate and fees that will help you ensure you get an answered phone call or email when you call back!


Get full access to 12+ sales scripts, e-mail templates, purchase loan scripts, follow-up templates, voicemail scripts, text templates, cold call scripts to help you close your prospect!

  • FHA Streamline Script
  • ​How To Deliver The Pitch
  • ​Inbound / Outbound Purchase Script
  • Objections At Closing
  • ​​The Close Set Up PDF
  • ​​Voicemail Scripts
  • ​SMS Text Transcripts
  • ​Purchase Loan Templates
  • ​Past Client Portfolio & Past Application Templates
  • And Many MORE!!!


The Mentors Library is a collection of both Mentoring Calls done with other students who took part in the Sales Boost Camp Remaster Class and also a collection of some of the most powerful lessons I've shared, so they are easily accessible in one central location and ready to consume. This will help you save time and ensure that every challenge you come across is met with solutions!

Sneak Peak of What's Inside

  • Road To 4 Million Per Month As A Purchase Loan Agent
  • Keeping Revenue A Priority As An Outside Loan Officer
  • ​From 0 to 100k Real Quick As An Inside Loan Officer
  • ​Attracting Realtors As An Outside Loan Officer
  • Purchase Loan Agent Working Inside A Call Center
  • And Many MORE!!

It Even Gets Better Because You Also Get THIS!


Ask Daniel about specific questions about your company, your obstacles and current situation. Get a personalized plan from Daniel and his 20+ years of sales knowledge and experience!

Here's What You're Getting:

  • 3 Hours Worth of Mentoring Calls with Daniel
  • A Copy of Recorded Mentoring Session
  • Personalized Insights and Strategies for Your Needs

See What Others Are Saying!

Solomon Kim

SalesRemastered is an amazing brand and online mentor for me. When it comes to sales and the science of influence, Daniel has the ins and outs for you. He not only provides consistent gold nuggets of information but challenges you to use them. I urge anyone that's about their money and self improvement to check out SalesRemastered.

Ryan Willwerth

I’ve been working with Daniel for the past month through mentoring and SalesRemastered. He’s given me the confidence to fill my pipeline through scripting, coaching and the dozens of modules he has. The voicemail, email and text scripts are worth their weight in gold. Nevermind the dozens of modules and the mentoring that comes with it as well! He allows you to create your own brand and get partners chasing you. Thanks Daniel!

Allen McAnlis

Daniel is absolutely amazing and super knowledgeable! I am newer to the mortgage business and have already learned so much from his videos and some trainings I've had the opportunity to attend. He really knows how to approach every situation and I highly recommend learning what he teaches. You the man Daniel!!


"As soon as I joined my team in 2019 and took the course, they noticed [the change] immediately. And it's not normal for someone so new. My production was so consistent that even season loan officers [would] reach out to me to sit and have lunch with me. With SalesRemastered, it's taught me so much and I'm still learning from it."

"I wasn't getting borrowers back on the phone. I wasn't able to close deals. They wouldn't answer calls. And that's the most frustrating thing... The teachings at SalesRemastered works! Without a doubt, it's something you can apply to sales and mortgage and finance, any aspect, it's something that you can put into your daily life as well. Work no longer felt draining because I wasn't having to pull things from the borrower. I'm not trying as hard, because it became a natural way of sales."


“Because of the content you’re putting out, I can overturn a lot of those calls who tell me “Hey, put me on the Do Not Call List”… I can quickly overturn that with just a few simple questions I ask. The door no longer feels shut… It feels like the door for opportunity is now wide open.

Here's EVERYTHING You Get...

  • Access to content from Closing Secrets 101 $997 VALUE!
  • Access to content from The Secret Formula — $1997 VALUE!
  • Access to email templates, inbound & outbound sales origination scripts, voicemail and texting scripts, and objection & rebuttal scripts that drive urgency and convert like crazy! — $97 VALUE!
  • Access to Mentor's Library, a collection of mentoring videos from students part of the Sales Boost Camp and a collection of lessons I've shared throughout my career! — $997 VALUE!
  • Access to a BONUS MODULE containing 4 videos that will help you fast-track your way to the top! — $497 VALUE!
  • 3 hours worth of direct 1-on-1 Mentoring Call with Me, where we discuss your situation, challenges and frustrations, and design and strategize a plan to get you ahead in the game! — $3000 VALUE!




About Daniel Nicart

Daniel Nicart is one of the Mortgage Industry's most influential Sales Development Coaches specializing in teaching Mortgage Loan Officers how to prevail and survive any market condition.

With over 20 years in Sales, Leadership and Mentoring experience he now teaches thousands of loan officers across the country how to increase sales, drive attention and properly brand themselves in today's digital era.

Daniel can be found sharing his teachings on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily.

Currently a 'Producing Sales Manager', Daniel leads the top sales team within a multi-billion dollar lending company and currently holds the record for the highest average funded volume, per agent.

Still originating sales today, makes Daniel a unique find. He currently shares content that he is implementing today and teaches loan officers how to adopt the same principles and techniques that he is currently using to fund over $1 billion a year in volume and has consistently been recognized as the Top Sales Manager in the company.

Recognized as 'one of the realest' sales mentors found on Social Media, the followers of SalesRemastered agree that there is no other content online giving up to date sales and marketing tips for today's Mortgage Loan Officers. Plenty of companies show you how to find leads, run a Facebook ad or even beg a Realtor for business...but Daniel shows you how to do both with creative strategies designed to attract, not chase.

SalesRemastered is the new outlet Daniel uses to share his own trials and experiences climbing to the top and relates with salesman on a unique and authentic level that no other sales trainer or mentor can. His primary goal is to give hope to those in sales and teach you that it is not as hard as you think to earn your way into the top 1% of your company.

Teaching personal development and powerful persuasion techniques that will help you win sales consistently and influence immediate action by those you prospect.

To have Daniel provide a private training to your sales team, contact him at [email protected] or call (949) 889-0021 for more information.

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