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Sales Prospecting for Mortgage Bankers in 2018!

 Prospecting for new sales in 2018!

Attention Mortgage Bankers!

 The game of prospecting is the reason why most do not choose to even attempt Sales.

The idea of chasing, hounding, hunting and cold calling is no 'ideal' job.

With such negative spotlight, it is no shock that most Sales Reps choose to avoid the idea of cold calling and instead either way for leads to fall in their lap or they attempt to Cold Call, only to be discouraged after the first few attempts before making an excuse and giving up.

I believe prospecting, whether by email or phone is only a challenge if you go at it blind.

Allow me to explain.

If my target audience were of the ages 25 thru 40, I wouldn't "Dial for Dollars" during their most busiest times of the day. 

This means, it is most likely that they are working between the hours of 9 thru 6 with a lunch time in between, but most of our clients that can afford the services we sell, need to make money somehow right?

Understand this and adapt. 

Do yourself a favor and research your prospect.

If you break down your goal to absolute bare minimum, the daily goal may not be as daunting.

For example, if your monthly goal per month was 10 sales and there are 20 business days per month on average leaves with a goal of about 2.5 sales per week, or an average of one sale every other day.

Now while most of us love to hustle and grind, it may not need to be this way.

Understand your prospects time zone and base your calls around this will not only be helpful but free up a ton of time in your day to do other things, like study my books :)

 Another thing we should consider when prospecting, if at all possible is their profession, job title and income bracket.  There are times where you may not know, but the internet provides such an amazing resource on who you are prospecting.  Whether it be their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, this information can be found with just a little bit of research. 

Understanding their profession or job title, will better position you on your approach. 

Not everyone likes an enthusiastic Salesman. 

Also, you will have a different approach with a Sr. VP who gives commands all day, then you would approach a prospect who works in customer service and has habit of taking commands and being instructed. 

Understanding their income bracket will show you how money mined/consented they are and how to approach them. 

It will also clue you in on their perception of value in your product and you may revise accordingly based on their understanding of long term goals...rewrite last sentence.

Finally, when engaging with a prospect by phone, it is important to gauge their 'rhythm' of speech. 

You will not want to be super enthusiastic and speak super-fast to someone who answer the phone in the middle of thought or a task they have been working on...listening to this subtle clue will help you engage longer with your prospect. 

Match their rhythm as fast as you can.

If you are engaging with your prospect in person, this same applies but you will have the advantage of reading everything else like body language and facial expressions. 

When you pay attention to this and adapt your approach accordingly, you will be surprised how fast you gain control of the conversation so they can hear why they need to purchase your product or service.

BONUS TIP: If you do happen to engage your prospects in person, look for a signs of there being a ‘decision influencer’, like are they wearing a Wedding Ring?

Plan to overcome the objection " I will need to talk to my wife about this..." before it happens.

Better yet, if they are with their spouse, watch for subtle clues on who wear the pants, that person will usually know all the numbers in the family finances and that person will be the decision maker of the purchase in most cases. 

That spouse will also have a more dominating presence and body language while you interact with them. 

It's amazing how easy it is to read a prospect when you know what to look for and how to use it in your favor.

Daniel Nicart



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