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The Power of Social Influence

The moment I discovered this ONE thing, my Sales Origination process become MUCH easier!

In this episode of #SalesRemastered, I share with you a slight adjustment I made in my Sales pitch that made a world of a difference and I outline the lesson learned in THIS VIDEO.

It helped me in gaining loyalty, trust and urgency from my prospects and it helped me avoid roadblocks like objections on fees and rates.

This one small discovery changed my wordplay, my view and my awareness of things that you would think are ‘obvious’ but when you’re engaged in a sales conversation, its much like Chess rather than Checkers, and so the focus is primarily on 2 or 3 moves ahead of your ‘opponent’, right?

Well, this small change in my way of thinking, helped me to overcome the number one reason why I had such a hard time in selling to begin with.

I was selling, not helping.

Meaning, I was too focused on describing the details, features and the process of buying.


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Is there a Formula to Sales?

I believe there is a formula to anything and this formula operates within a designed system.

The system is the action while the formula ensures all pieces are working together in harmony.

It’s kind of like an Orchestra.

The system would be the instruments and the formula would be the music notes played by the players.

You see, it is possible to have a system that is filled with players making movements, but with a flawed formula, the Orchestra would not perform.

Now imagine you’re the Conductor, your Pipeline is the Orchestra, support and operations are your players and this formula becomes your map towards creating a pipeline that performs!

I have found that any organization, community, cause and even family has in itself, its own system.

Depending on its formula of actions, the entity will either prevail or fail.

I have applied this thesis to the Sales Origination process.

I’ve broken it down into its main components of Structure, Mindset, Origination and Closing...

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