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Is there a Formula to Sales?

I believe there is a formula to anything and this formula operates within a designed system.

The system is the action while the formula ensures all pieces are working together in harmony.

It’s kind of like an Orchestra.

The system would be the instruments and the formula would be the music notes played by the players.

You see, it is possible to have a system that is filled with players making movements, but with a flawed formula, the Orchestra would not perform.

Now imagine you’re the Conductor, your Pipeline is the Orchestra, support and operations are your players and this formula becomes your map towards creating a pipeline that performs!

I have found that any organization, community, cause and even family has in itself, its own system.

Depending on its formula of actions, the entity will either prevail or fail.

I have applied this thesis to the Sales Origination process.

I’ve broken it down into its main components of Structure, Mindset, Origination and Closing.

I believe these four pillars are what hold up a solid System that we now have endless amount of resources to automate.

So imagine if you had a solid blue print of how to develop and implement these pillars to remove the constant grind and tediousness of having to build, fund out, rebuild, fund out, and on and on…

This constant cycle that we have on repeat is the same loop of events that we rely on to keep our bills paid, our pockets filled and our quality of life at a higher level.

Imagine if you had a road map of how to create your own system, develop the right mindset, originate new sales and properly close anyone you pitch.

What would your income look like?

What about your bank balance?

Could you imagine if you automated 10 funded loans per month, all because you had The Secret Formula on how to do it?

Well now you do.

The Secret Formula is a detailed training course that Mortgage Bankers can use to ‘fast track’ their way to the Top!

Broken down in four modules;

  • System
  • Mindset
  • Origination
  • Closing

Each module deep dives into the topics to educate you on how to survive, stay relevant and stay paid!

You have an opportunity before you and if you are properly mentored and coached, you’ll ensure that this opportunity doesn’t pass you by!

The time has come where you can have a proven road map of what it takes to become the top 3 percent of your Sales Floor and ensure you’re not wasting time in the Trial and Error of learning the hard way.

The lessons and concepts within this course are geared around Emotional Intelligence and understanding how to use the tools we have in front of us today, to orchestrate a successful Sales Origination Cycle and System.

Gone are the days of inconsistent income, constant worry and fear of failure!

Now Mortgage Bankers have the tools provided within this full course to control their own destiny and reach the production levels and bonus tiers they desire!


My life as a Mortgage Banker was never the same after I remastered these core areas and I want to teach you all i've learned!

To celebrate the Launch, I’m running a Promotional Offer on both The Secret Formula and my Mini Course called The Close.

To learn more about both products, click here; and

Daniel Nicart


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