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Sales Prospecting for Mortgage Bankers in 2018!

 Prospecting for new sales in 2018!

Attention Mortgage Bankers!

 The game of prospecting is the reason why most do not choose to even attempt Sales.

The idea of chasing, hounding, hunting and cold calling is no 'ideal' job.

With such negative spotlight, it is no shock that most Sales Reps choose to avoid the idea of cold calling and instead either way for leads to fall in their lap or they attempt to Cold Call, only to be discouraged after the first few attempts before making an excuse and giving up.

I believe prospecting, whether by email or phone is only a challenge if you go at it blind.

Allow me to explain.

If my target audience were of the ages 25 thru 40, I wouldn't "Dial for Dollars" during their most busiest times of the day. 

This means, it is most likely that they are working between the hours of 9 thru 6 with a lunch time in between, but most of our clients that can afford the services we sell, need to make money somehow right?

Understand this and...

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